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What’s to be Achieved?

1. To create a Great South Coast Rural & Regional Liveability Action Plan, to transform Rural & Regional Liveability in partnership across multiple sectors as part of a linked up integrated approach over the next 10-20 years.

2. Policy, Programs & Planning – this document, framed under the Rural and Regional Liveability Framework will provide;

– Quantitative and qualitative intelligence for partner agencies to use for their own planning a processes
– An integrated evaluation framework and indicator to monitor achievement to support planning requirements already imposed on local government and other government-funded agencies.

What is the benefit: Having a common language, metrics, framework and a shared understanding to enhance collaboration

3. Marketing of the region – the improvement in liveability can be used to attract new industry, residents, amenities, and tourists

4. Improve liveability, health, and wellbeing, and demonstrate trends over time (consistent monitoring). What is prioritised and measured is usually improved.

5. Attract Funding – Funding applications can easily draw on the common indicators to demonstrate achievement and wider impact, making applying easier and more successful