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What are the components of the R&RL?

What are the components of Rrural & Regional Liveability?

There are four components to the Rural & Regional Liveability framework; elements, principles, influences and domains.

RRL framework

Click on the two page reference guide and the video’s below to gain further insights into each component.

Join Glenda Stanislaw for an overview of the framework components.

1. Elements

Are the basic ingredients for sustainable; growth, development, and health & wellbeing for all

2. Principles

Governs how well each element optimises Liveability for different population groups.

3. Influences & Domains

Influences: External factors which have cascading effects on the elements and principles and overall liveability. 

Domains: The triple bottom line – striking a balance between social, economic and environmental needs.

The elements, principles, influences and domains all interact together to create Rural and Regional Liveability.

The Rural & Regional Liveability definitions paper provides you with an understanding of how these components interact.