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The Evidence Base

The Rural & Regional Liveability Strategy has been informed by a range of evidence which includes a literature review which draws on findings from a range of liveability studies and secondly a discussion paper which describes liveability from a local Great South Coast Region perspective.

Literature Review

Across the world Liveability is a heavily researched topic, which in the majority of cases has been studied from a metropolitation or urban perspective.

A literature review of available evidence was created and an Executive Summary of key findings was developed.

The key findings from this literature review identified;

  • Improving Access – including access to meaningful employment, education, and civic participation for all. Ensuring access to affordable quality housing (public & private), transportation, sports & other leisure/recreational opportunities, health & support services, dining/shopping options, and effective communication such as internet & social media.
  • Increasing Flexibility – ensuring that innovation and resilience are encouraged in responding to community and environmental challenges as they arise. Celebrating diversity (age, culture, gender, physical, etc.); partnering and collaborating across sectors to create strong community-centric solutions to challenges as they arise.
  • Ensuring Connectivity and Connections – and thereby increasing social participation and cohesion. Provide safe places for people to belong and opportunities for people to connect, contribute, and receive, both digitally and physically.
  • Driving Flexible, Innovative, & Sustainable Development – to improve standards of living and replace unsustainable industry with vibrant new businesses and technologies, supported by and resulting in an expanded selection of local courses/careers/jobs.
  • Addressing Inequity – by defining tele-communication, transport, infrastructure, health and wellbeing and other service gaps.

The Discussion Paper

The discussion paper is an aggregation of quantitative and qualitative intelligence from the Great South Coast region.

The intelligence is collated into the 12 elements of the Rural & Regional Liveabilty framework and reflects the interrelationships between the principles, influences and domains which are critical from a Great South Coast region perspective.

Click on each element below to take a deeper dive into what is driving the Great South Coast Regions Rural & Regional Liveability.

Housing and Utilities

Belonging and Culture
Community Safety
Community Strength
Leisure Recreation and Creativity
Health and Social Services

Food & Water Security
Built Environment
Natural Environment