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Rural and Regional Liveability Forum

Forum 1 – November 2020 – Sharing a Draft RRL Framework and Process

At forum one there were over 70 agency representatives, partners and stakeholders who participated.

Participants provided feedback on the first draft of the RRL framework design.

Facilitators defined a process to develop a 20 year action plan of strategies to transform the Great South Coast Regions Rural and Regional Liveability.

Click on the links below to view the forum slides and feedback from participants.

Forum 1 Slides:
Defining Rural & Regional Liveability A
Defining Rural & Regional Liveability B

Participant Feedback and Insights – A
Participant Feedback and Insights – B

Forum 2 – March 2021- Sharing the Evidence Base

At forum two, qualitative and quantitative intelligence on each of the RRL framework element was shared as a discussion paper.

We identified where this intelligence is stored and how it can be accessed as an intelligence hub of information for partner use.

We asked partners to identify qualitative and quantitative intelligence which was missing and or information they could add.

We discussed potential focus areas and the story behind how these focus areas will transform rural & Regional Liveability into the future.

Forum 2: Slides – The stories behind potential focus areas
Forum 2: Slides – Participant Feedback and Insights