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Healthy South West

South West PCP supports partner agencies to work collaboratively on strategies across identified shared priority areas. By working together and sharing resources, greater health and wellbeing outcomes can be achieved, leading to healthier communities.


People across the South West are healthy, well and connected to their communities.

Priority Areas:

1. Social and Emotional Wellbeing
Goal: South West communities are recognised as being socially and emotionally well.
2. Physical Health
Goal: South West communities are recognised as being physically healthy.

Current network partnerships include:

  • Heart of Corangamite network
  • Beyond the Bell
  • The University of Melbourne
During 2017, SWPCP worked collaboratively with partners to support and align local prevention and health promotion activities with the 2017-2021 Municipal Public Health and Wellbeing planning processes of Corangamite, Moyne and Warrnambool City councils. The six health agencies, as well as other partner organisations participated in their respective shires.
Activities on the ground are owned by the partner agencies who deliver multiple approaches across multiple settings including early years services, schools and workplaces as part of a whole of community approach.
Examples of strategies currently happening are;



161 organisational policies developed and enacted

For more information contact Lynda Smith
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