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Focus Areas

What is a Focus Area? 

A focus area incorporates a group of initiatives and strategies which improve long term Rural & Regional Liveability.

They add value across the whole Great South Coast (GSC) region and align with a range of elements, principles, domains, and influences outlined in the framework.

Focus areas are inclusive of existing GSC initiatives, policies, plans, and strategies using existing resources.

Figure 1: How Focus Areas will Transform Rural & Regional Liveability

Transforming Liveability via Focus Areas 

To achieve long term change in Rural & Regional Liveability we need multiple strategies occurring across a range of settings, and at different levels from individual to community.

Focus Area Examples

Leader Defined Focus Areas 

Embracing Aboriginal Culture & Language

Alcohol Cultures Change Minds and Lives

Building Inclusive Community Connections & Business

Environment, Recreation, and Culture – creating health & wealth

Digital Connectivity for All

Food & Water Security

Freedom from Violence

Gender Equity

Access to Sustainable Housing for All

Sustainable Resources, Energy, and Land use

Access to Health & Social Services for All

Rural Equity in Funding and Services

Growing Regional – population attraction & diversity

Mental Health- Talk about it

Better (Sustainable) Transport Connections

Employment and Education for young people

Community Defined Focus Areas 

Each Local government organisation is undertaking community consultation processes to inform their communities 20 year vision, council plans and municipal public health and wellbeing plans. The key themes from these community consultations when publicly available will be compiled to define aligned key themes across the Great South Coast Region.

In addition, a range of community consultations have been carried out by other partner agencies who are seeking the views of key target groups, such as young people as just one example. With partner agency support, key themes from these reports will be extracted to inform community defined focus areas.