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Safe, efficient, and sustainable transport is essential to a community’s economy, enabling access to services and resources, and adds to the amenity of the region.

Transport networks include road, rail, maritime and aviation transport in Australia, but increasingly also includes ‘passive’ forms of transport such as bike and footpaths.

All tiers of government have a role to play in ensuring that transport within a location meets the needs of residents and visitors.  Local government plays the most significant role as it is the implementor and maintainer of most transport options, other than trains, planes, and national roadways. Road transport options include public transport such as commercial buses, taxis, and social buses. These are often subsidised by local government and not-for-profit organisations.

Principles or lenses that impact this element include: Accessibility, Connections, Sustainability, Equity, and Flexibility

Current Influences and key principles

  • Government policy (investment in infrastructure)
  • Population

Policies Affecting Transport

  • Building Better Regions Fund Round Five
  • Transport and Infrastructure Council Terms of Reference

Future Directions for Transport – Great South Coast regional growth plan (planning.vic.gov.au)


Critical Indicators

Proportion People Who Rode a Bicycle or Walked to Work (%)
Commuting Distance 2.5 to 30km

Supplemental Indicators

  • Method of Travel to Work – ABS Census Data by Region
  • Number of Cars per household – id.com.au
  • Households with No Vehicle (2016) (%): Values
  • Average Distance to nearest Public Transport stop - AUO
  • Commuting Distance (Mean, Average, From Usual Residence) – ABS Census Data by Region
  • Percentage of dwellings within 400m of a bus stop – AUO
  • Percentage of dwellings within 400m of public transport with a 30-min weekday service - AUO

Potential Supporting Agencies and Partners

  • Local government
  • Dept of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Communications
  • Infrastructure Victoria

Current Known Initiatives

Infrastructure Victoria 30 Year Strategy – http://www.infrastructurevictoria.com.au/project/30-year-strategy

Proposed Area(s) of Focus

  • Our Journey – For Better Transport Connections
  • Rural Equity in Service Access and Funding

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