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Alcohol Monitoring and Availability Project

The rise of alcohol consumption in our community and the associated poor outcomes have been found to come about in some part to availability and cultural/social norms.

In 2019, a project to audit the availability of alcohol and whether the age status of the purchaser was requested, was undertaken in a variety of settings across our catchment. The settings included all manner of licensed premises importantly, including major sporting clubs, where the link between sport, peer group behaviour and consumption is well known.

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The Standard – November 4th 2019 Alcohol ID check Audit

Rates of harmful consumption of alcohol are high across south west communities according to VicHealth.

A last drinks survey completed at Warrnambool Hospital shows high rates of alcohol related injury.

The immediate effect is higher rates of emergency presentations, road accidents and injury, which has a significant cost on our health system.

The long term effect for young people consuming alcohol before 18 is increased risk of impaired brain development and alcohol problems later in life.

Not to mention the fact that those people who are over 18 years and are consuming more than 11 standard drinks per week, are at high risk of long term disease.

As a community we have to do better, and SWPCP health and community service agencies are working to create innovative strategies that reduces this harm.