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Health Literacy


SWPCP member agencies aim to become regional leaders in health literacy practice.

A health literate organisation makes it easy for consumers to;

1. Obtain, understand and use health information and services to make appropriate health decisions.
2. Access and navigate around services, to promote and maintain individual health and well-being.

Ultimately, a health literate organisation leads to better consumer outcomes which in turn reduces health system costs, errors and waste.

Becoming a health literate organisation requires organisational leadership, coordinated workforce training and organisational development.

SWPCP staff have developed training modules and organisational challenges to improve member agency health literacy.

The training modules focus on improving:

  • Verbal skills
  • Written skills
  • Environmental access
  • Systems Integration to ensure the change is sustainable.
Community of Practice:
  • Member agencies have developed a ‘Community of Practice’ which provides an opportunity for peers to share Health Literacy and Consumer engagement practice, innovative action and celebrate achievements.
  • The peers meet face-to-face at least four times per year. Additionally they share progress via an online repository called Basecamp.
  • To gain Community of Practice membership or simply enquire – Contact SWPCP
  • To access Health Literacy resources & training calendar join Basecamp.
  • To access or enquire about Basecamp membership – Contact SWPCP