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Better Access To Services

SWPCP supports member agencies to collect agreed consumer information, and use agreed care coordination and referral tools and processes to enhance consumer’s access to services.

Better Access to Services aims to place consumers; at the centre of service delivery, achieve optimum health outcomes and reduce the burden of having to retell their story over and over.

Better Access to Service tools and processes include:
How: Online Service Coordination training includes:
  • Click here to access the SCTT online learning module for practitioners
  • Click hereto access an E-learning module about Service Coordination practices
Service Coordination Survey
  • Every two years the Department of Health and Human Services requires Primary Care Partnerships to conduct a survey of service coordination practice amongst our member agencies. The aim is to support continuous improvement and identify emerging needs amongst member agencies.
Project: Consumer Pathway Access to Healthcare – A Corangamite Health Collaborative

This is a two year project to define and re-design access to healthcare in the Corangamite region to better link people of this region to local and regional services.

Access issues and solutions:
  • Defined by mangers, staff and the Corangamite community
  • Additionally aligned with best practice
For more information contact:Helen O’Regan Project Coordinator available at: helen.oregan@tmhs.vic.gov.au